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Maurice Putz | MP ORG

More about me

A young man in a white shirt sits at a wooden table, concentrating and working on a laptop. He looks thoughtful and is surrounded by a relaxed environment with plants in the background.

Contact me today and we'll create an online presence that your visitors will remember! Finally be proud of your web presence.

I have been programming websites for almost a decade and I am familiar with the IT world. I programmed my first website at the age of 14. Since then I have completed my training as a software engineer and have worked with clients ranging from self-employed people to large corporations. Having travelled to over 30 countries around the globe, I bring a certain experience and added value to my projects that not everyone else can offer.


I am passionate about creating robust, beautiful and compelling websites for my clients. I approach each project individually and always give my clients the best they can get. No more orphaned and expensive websites that don't help anyone, no more!


In addition to fully programmed websites, I also create them with WIX, and in very individual cases Wordpress, depending on what the individual use case requires.


I look forward to sharing my knowledge of GDPR, web development and SEO with you. I am an expert in this field and always have YOUR benefit and added value in mind.


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MacBook laptop on a wooden table in a cafe. A Chevex coffee cup can be seen in the background.
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