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Website & CMS - Haiberg

Project type

Website with Costume programmed CMS.


September 2022

This project for Haiberg GmbH involved the creation of a completely new CMS. There were some complex requirements that had not been realised in the previous version. It should be possible to have a single code base for the frontend, as well as one for the backend, but the ability to create potentially infinite websites in this CMS without having to redeploy anything on a server.

The technologies chosen were Nuxt 2 for the front end and Strapi CMS for the back end. Haiberg can now create many different websites with different domains in a single CMS, without any programming effort or "redeployment". Anyone who knows how to use Wordpress or WIX will find their way around the CMS. Furthermore, any number of blogs can be created in the respective pages, all centrally, from a single CMS.

In addition to this complex task, fast loading speeds, multiple languages and advanced SEO skills were also required. All of this was achieved in just a few months. Technical documentation and a user manual for the CMS were created. In addition, the code was always kept readable and well documented so that in the future and in 2024, the CMS as well as the frontend with Nuxt can be easily upgraded and migrated with zero downtime.

As only two code bases need to be hosted (plus an external database), the monthly fees for practically unlimited websites and complete independence from the hosting provider are very low.

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