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Website - Jessica Lackner

Project type

Website with CMS (WIX)


November 2023

Jessica Lackner is an experienced coach and author who teaches companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland how to retain their employees, celebrate long-term success and transform leaders into MACHkräfte®.

When creating the website, WIX was chosen because it was a MUST-HAVE that Jessica Lackner could make changes to the website herself. The entire website, from the first meeting to the design and implementation on WIX, was achieved in a very short time. In addition to a new website with a better design and easy modification options for Jessica Lackner, the creation of events was also important, as Jessica Lackner often offers seminars or similar with tickets. Now Jessica Lackner has a central location where she can easily and quickly manage all events, her website, contacts, emails, invoices and more.

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